May issue of Focus is packed with useful community information

“Unprecedented” seems to be one of the most commonly used adjectives during this COVID-19 pandemic, and with good reason. It applies here at Focus too, albeit on a very small scale. This month we find ourselves resorting to the first online-only issue in our 44 year history (the April issue was printed, we just didn’t get a chance to distribute it). In case anyone is wondering, we are determined to resume printing as soon as possible.

So here is the May issue of Focus. We will be putting links onto the temporary website -, which will also have a downloadable pdf version.

Please forward this email to anyone who might like to read the magazine. Once again, we are making the issue available to anyone without charge. When we are back to our new ’normal’ we will work out how to compensate our regular subscribers and advertisers for the missing months.

If you have any comments or would like to contribute local news/information, please contact the
Focus Team at

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