Tisbury and the Surrounding Villages on facebook

Most of us that are on Facebook know that the group page: ‘What's Going on in Tisbury and Surrounding Villages’ is an amazing source of local information and has been a brilliant platform for everyone to swap ideas and help their neighbours. If you are not in this Facebook group yet, please join.

There are posts from local pubs offering take-away and delivery services, there are posts by groups of volunteers who are sewing scrub bags for the NHS, people are swapping ideas, helping with DIY sup-plies and generally keeping each other focused on the positive side of the pandemic.

Local group making PPE for local hospitals

Apart from the many good things going on in and around Tisbury under the auspices of TNR, there are other activities in support of the efforts to get through the current Covid problems. It will not have escaped notice that the NHS, whose members are keeping up a truly heroic effort, has been experiencing supply difficulties, particularly in getting hold of clothing. A few local ladies have got together, at an appropriate social distance, to help out by sewing up items to send to local hospitals.

Until now much of this activity has been to produce bags for the 'scrubs' worn by the medical staff. After use, which has obviously increased, the scrubs have to be laundered so they are stuffed into these scrub bags which help reduce cross-contamination risk, and can then be put straight into a washing machine. Local volunteers have produced well over a hundred already.

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