We're in it for the long haul

As we see the daily Covid-19 rates decrease we see a similar decrease in the amount of calls coming into our helpline. The majority of vulnerable people in our community now have a good support network set-up with friends, family and neighbours all pitching in. TNR has now shifted its focus to a more proactive role, calling vulnerable residents registered with us as often as possible to check that they have everything they need and to have a chat. In this time it is vital we don’t lose focus, the country has done so well in following the Government’s guidelines and maintaining our social distances, that progress must not be lost by letting go of the situation too early.

TNR recommends that everyone keep up to date with the latest Government guidelines regarding Coronavirus. These can be accessed via www.gov.uk/coronavirus

As things change, so might the support people can give, and TNR will be here for anyone who finds that their networks of family, friends and neighbours

are less able to help. No matter how long it takes or the cost, TNR will be here, ready to help, 7 days a week until every last member of our community is out of isolation and free from danger.

The Government’s message may have changed,ours has not, we are ‘All in this Together’.

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